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Hello! I am so happy you are here! My name is Shannon and I will be your guide down memory lane.

The idea for Evermore Photo Scanning came about as a solution to my own problem. I learned from a friend that all of his family photos were destroyed in a house fire when he was a child. He has very few photos of his family, only the ones taken by others. It got me thinking about my own family's abundant photo history. All our treasured family photos were in bins in a closet. In storage we can't enjoy them without considerable effort and like my friend, they are at risk of being damaged or destroyed.

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So, I thought "I can do this myself". And I did. Once the project was complete I realized I wanted to help others preserve their own family photo legacy.


Photo Scanning

All your photographs will be scanned to create a digital archive. Photos will be scanned with a high-efficiency scanner which will save your original as well as an auto-enhanced version. The scanning process also captures any writing on the backs of your photos.

Photo Organization & Storage

I can help you consolidate and organize your print photos. There are also many options to make sure your prints are safe in long term storage

Photo Resoration

Revive and enhance old or damaged photographs. Through meticulous digital editing techniques, faded colors, creases, tears, and other imperfections are skillfully repaired, breathing new life into cherished memories.

Negative & Slide Scanning

Have negatives or boxes of slides? We can scan those too!

VHS to Digital


Digitize VHS tapes to relive and share memories effortlessly.

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Pricing for organization, scanning and storage set up will vary as each and every project is unique. I customize every project with your goals & budget in mind.

How It Works

First, we'll do a no obligation consultation. I'll need to know what your goals are. For some, it's just going to be just digitizing the photos. Others needs may be more in depth in terms of organization (both print & digital) and safe long term storage options for the prints. And for some it will be somewhere in between. I will work with you to develop a plan that fits your needs and budget.

Next, you will gather your photos and I will come to you and pick them up.

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FrequentlyAsked Questions

What can you help me with

Here at Evermore Photo Scanning I can help you in several ways:

Preserving Memories: If you have old photos that are fading, cracking, or deteriorating or even just sitting in photo albums or boxes, I can help you preserve those memories by digitizing them. By converting your old photos to digital format, you can protect them from further damage and ensure that they are easily accessible for future generations.

Organizing Photos: If you have a large collection of physical photos, organizing them can be a daunting task. Evermore Photo Scanning can help you categorize and organize your photos, making it easier for you to locate specific images.

VHS to Digital Conversion: Save those VHS tapes from deterioration! Convert VHS to digital for timeless preservation. Unlock cherished memories from old tapes for easy sharing and future-proof enjoyment.

You know those beautifully curated and organized pantries you see on social media? This is the digital version of that idea for photos!

How much tech knowledge do I need to have to get started

Zip, Zilch, NADA! You found me here and that is the extent of the knowledge you will need. I’ll handle the tech and I will show you how to use any programs we encounter in your journey that you might be unfamiliar with using, such as cloud-based storage.

Why do I need to digitize my photos

The central reason is simply preservation. Loose photos or photos in albums are potentially at risk of damage. They are a water leak, natural disaster or a house fire away from being destroyed forever. Even the old sticky photo albums are damaging to photos. A digital back up and proper storage for prints ensures that your family legacy will be preserved for current & future generations.

Other benefits of digitization are the ability to share, organize, restore, create unique photo gifts and free up space in your home!

What do I need to do to get started

Reach out to me via phone or text. We will arrange for a 15–30-minute consultation via video conferencing. Each client has unique challenges so we will spend some time discussing your specific goals for your photos and curating a personal plan to preserve your precious memories. Your goals will help us to develop a plan. Are you organized already? Great! Let’s get them scanned! Have boxes of pictures and you don’t even know where to start? I can help!

What do you mean by Backups

Well, as the old saying goes “what can go wrong will go wrong. Hard drives can fail, computers can get damaged or fail. While I’m generally an optimistic person, when it comes to photo storage I take more of a “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” approach. The industry standard is the 3-2-1 Backup plan. The 3-2-1 Backup plan means that you have 3 backups, at least 2 different types, 1 of which is offsite.

As I work on your project all your data is saved as I work, so nothing will be lost. While rare, if there are any special services needed offsite, I will hand deliver your photos. Nothing is ever placed in the mail.

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